Homeowners who are experiencing a back-up of sewage into their homes need to know whether or not the problem is simply a clogged line that can be repaired or if the sewer pipe has actually broken and the smartest course of action may be trenchless sewer replacement. There are a number of signs that occur that can tell you that it may be time to hire a professional plumbing service that specializes in trenchless sewer replacement.

If you can notice the smell of raw sewage when you go outside your house and walk around the front or backyard, it’s likely that your sewer pipe has burst and you need trenchless sewer replacement. Find the location in your yard where your sewer pipe connects to the city’s main sewer line. If there are standing puddles of water or the ground is saturated with water and it hasn’t been raining, that’s a big sign that a break may have occurred in your sewer line that needs replacement as soon as possible. Check with the local city government to ensure first that there isn’t a major back-up problem occurring in the city’s sewer pipe system. If their response is in the negative, it’s a sign that your home’s sewer pipe connection is either leaking or already broken.

Often ongoing blockages in sewer pipes cause enough pressure for the pipe to split or burst. That’s when a professional plumber offering trenchless sewer replacement is the best use of your money. This procedure can help to repair sewer pipes that have become punctured, broken or cracked without having to dig up all the earth covering these pipes. Trenchless sewer replacement involves digging only two small holes near each end of your sewer piping system in order to destroy the old pipe while pulling through a length of strong and durable new sewer piping that will make your sewage waste flow properly into the city’s hook-up line again. When the signs indicate that you need your sewer pipes replaced, you can breathe a sigh of relief that trenchless sewer replacement is available because there is no excavation of landscaping required to repair the damage and install long-lasting and durable new piping.

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