A person cannot go 3 -7 days without water and this is dependent upon weather conditions. Every person must drink water to hydrate their bodies. Water is essential and a vital nutrient to our bodies that keeps you healthy and vibrant.

Isn’t it your job to make sure that you receive the best possible water to drink, cook and clean within your household? How can you be sure the water is the very best water? Don’t you deserve the best water possible? Frequently we place our health in the hands of a medical provider such as your physician. The only time a physician sees me is when I am ill. In recent times physicians have started to set an appointment for a physical. However it is still determined by how you feel more than what the doctor discovers. The responsibility for your health has fallen onto you and is your responsibility to maintain.

The government strives to make sure the water that is supplied to you is both safe and affordable. Affordable is in the eye of the beholder and what the government can spend is limited at best. Mixed with water are some harsh chemicals that are added to the water to make it safe to consume. The government has safe standards determining the safe levels of these chemicals by expert scientists that continuously test the water.

Frequently due to taste and odor many families purchase bottle water and believe they are drinking good clean water. When tested, however, often the bottle water is worse than the water that can be drawn from your taps in your home. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has conducted public research on the water quality of bottled water.

Water softeners are designed to remove calcium and magnesium in your water. When they remove those two viable nutrients it replaces it with sodium ions which is salt. Many of you are talking magnesium and calcium supplements to replace the same nutrient the water softener is removing. One way to remove sodium ions from your water is with an under-the-counter Rerverse Osmosis (RO) system which produces highly acidic water. How much sense does it make to take out calcium and magnesium only to replace with sodium that is bad for your health, and then to remove it with a RO system that can serve only 1 faucet and produces water that is acidic?

Water that has all of its minerals removed was designed to be used in manufacturing plants to clean parts. It is highly acidic and for some strange reason people believe that highly acidic water is safe to consume by drinking or cooking with this water. Many of these filtering systems require plastic tubing due to how acidic it is and if it can rot minerals in piping, what is it doing to you? As your trusted adviser we continually search and research products that will serve you. We have found a filtration system that will filter the water without being harmful to you to your plumbing system.

We have discovered a system that allows you to keep the calcium and magnesium in the water and shoots a small electrical charge into those two nutrients to make them harmless yet still vital to your body. It is no longer harmful to your plumbing system. The added bonus to this system is you have clean drinking water at every faucet including the shower where you sing. It is possible to install this filter under the kitchen sink which provides water to your kitchen faucet or install a glass filler. Another option is the whole house system which has a full five year warranty and has an 8-10 life expectancy and no salt is required. The water that is used to clean the system’s mineral bed goes to water your plants.

Sarasota Water Filters and Water Softeners is a top priority for Bill The Plumber technicians to help clients enjoy the best water quality in their homes.

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