Shut off valves are valves installed inside cabinets, under faucets, water closets, and sinks. These shutoffs are called emergency shutoff valves. The valves are used when conditions in your home or business calls for the water to that particular fixture turned off quickly or when things have gone wrong. Frequently it is in an emergency situation, such as when a faucet will not shut off, a drain is stopped up or the water closet is over-flowing and the water needs to be turned off immediately.

Over time, non-use of an emergency shutoff valves will allow the valve to become stiff and unable to turn. This means the valve handle becomes stuck or is sticking and cannot be turned off. Every plumber who visits your home or business should be testing these valves to make sure they are in great working order. They are meant for you to use in an emergency situation. These valves should turn with ease and rapidly to help prevent damage to your potential property. When they are not working properly they should be replaced or repaired when possible. They are for your safety and prevention of potential water damage to your home.

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