No bathroom is complete without the installation of vents in the plumbing system. Bathroom plumbing venting is a very important undertaking for both your safety and comfort and that is why this is clearly stipulated even in the local building and construction code. Actually, you can’t last in a house that has no bathroom plumbing vents for a day. It is unsafe and will cause a lot of discomfort for the bathroom users and even the surrounding.

What is bathroom plumbing venting?

In a nutshell, bathroom plumbing venting is the incorporation of ventilation systems in the entire drainage system of the bathroom. May be you have been wondering what is the essence of bathroom plumbing venting. Here are two major reasons why bathroom plumbing venting is something you should not ignore when doing your bathroom plumbing.

Basically, standard plumbing operates on a gravity-flow system whereby waste water exits through sloped pipes and air filters in through the vent pipes. Without these vents, the whole process would come to a standstill. Vents play a major role in the maintenance of a stable air pressure equilibrium in the drains that ensures both water and wastes move properly and smoothly through the plumbing system’s pipes. Lack of such structures would greatly affect the movement of water and wastes and that is why we often find water flowing at very low pressures. It may also lead to blockages and overflows.

Second, plumbing vents act as outlets for the harmful and foul bathroom gases. Typically, bathroom air is composed of methane, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen, a combination that you would not want to get into your house. Therefore, there is need to have these gases expelled outside your house. With bathroom plumbing venting, these gases are expelled outside via the vents.


In conclusion, it is clear that doing bathroom venting is an important undertaking that should not be ignored at all costs. So, when doing your construction, remember to seek the services of a qualified plumber who will do your bathroom plumbing ventilation professionally to avoid the problems that may arise due to lack of bathroom plumbing vents or even faulty bathroom plumbing ventilation. With this in mind, give us a call today and we will be glad to install or even fix your bathroom plumbing vents, a move that will not only make your bathroom safe and comfortable but will also push your home’s value.

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