If you are a recent home buyer, you might be baffled by all the problems which may spring up. Some of the most common problems that homeowners face are issues with the hot water tank. Here are some of the things that can go wrong:

Your water heater might have a problem with sediment buildup. This usually occurs in areas with hard water, but it can occur anywhere in the country. The sediment is made up of sand from the water lines as well as minerals from the water and settles at the bottom of your water tank. If you live near fire hydrants, you might see the city periodically opening them to flush them of sediment build up. If it’s done near your home, this sediment will likely settle in your hot water tank. You need to have the tank regularly flushed out in order to correct this problem.

If your hot water heater is not delivering hot water, there could be many reasons for this. It might have blown a circuit breaker or the thermocouple might be going bad. You could also have a problem with the dip tube, allowing hot and cold water to mix inside the tank. If the water is only lukewarm, you could have a broken thermostat or burned out heating elements. All of these problems are best addressed by a certified plumber. Trying to rectify them yourself can not only lead to further damage, it can also be dangerous.

You might have noticed your water is starting to appear discolored. This is often caused by an eroded sacrificial anode rod. This rod is placed in your water tank so that the electrolytic reaction that would cause your tank to erode will erode the rod instead. These rods can pit, be covered in scaling or otherwise deteriorate over time. They need to be replaced in order to remove the discoloration in the water.

Water from your hot water tank could also take on an unpleasant smell. The smell will be similar to rotten eggs and will be very noticeable. It is usually caused by bacteria living in the sediment at the bottom of the tank, but it can also be caused by the erosion of the sacrificial anode rod. This requires the services of an experienced plumbing contractor, who will usually be able to correct the problem with one service call.

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