One of the most common malfunctions of the main water shutoff valve is that it can develop a slow leak or drip over time. You should not panic or get worried when you see this because all you need to do is to hire a professional licensed plumber to examine the problem and fix it for good. You need to seek professional advice because the more you open and close the main water shutoff valve, the more the leak will worsen.

The most annoying part is that dripping or leaking shut-off valves can cause damage to your bathroom flooring if left unattended because they leave puddles of stagnant water around the house. As such, the water can accelerate the growth of mildew and mold, damage bathroom furniture, increase your water bill and even leave the room looking disorganized. A slow leak or drip usually develops near the stem of the main water shut off valve. With approximately two to three drops of water drenching your floor every minute, it can eventually lead to massive damage even to the walls and baseboard.

Before you decide to undertake costly repairs, it is important to note that leaking main water shut-off valves do not essentially call for a replacement. However, you need a professional plumber to inspect the extent of the damage thoroughly so that he can advise if you need a new replacement instead of rebuilding the old valve. Such precautions ensure that the problem will not reappear in the near future.

Loose packing nuts on the water shut-off valve are known to cause the leaking and in certain circumstances, the washers might malfunction due to an accumulation of mineral deposits on them. The shutoff valves located under the sink or behind the toilets are rarely turned on or off over the years. Such an inactivity of key parts of your plumbing system can make the valve lose its capacity to seal drips and leaks by weakening the washers to become delicate due to the mineral deposits.

The most suitable way to ensure the malfunctioning water shut-off valves do not cause a menace in your home is hiring a professional licensed plumber to carry out a thorough examination of your plumbing system before repairing or replacing anything. One effective recommendation is using the modern-day quarter-turn ball valves because they are rarely known to wear out, lock up or leak and above all, most plumbers take less than one hour to install them perfectly.

To ensure the plumber has carried out the repair appropriately, you should turn on the main water shutoff valve with the intention of allowing water to push stagnant air out of the pipes. You can now reexamine the newly replaced or repaired valve for leaks, especially after turning off your water faucets.