Using Drain Cleaners for Maintenance Cleaning, Not To Clear Clogs

When it comes to drain clogs, you don’t want to pour strong chemical drain cleaners down the drain that can harm your lungs or skin on contact. Avoid this unnecessary harmful exposure and call your local Sarasota plumber who is license, experienced and can quickly leave your drain as good as new without you having to go to the store or stress over trying to use a snake mechanism yourself or expose yourself to toxic chemicals. However, it is still important to maintain your drains in between professional cleanings by your plumber. You can maintain your drains by using eco-friendly drain cleaners that will not only reduce the chances of having clogs from building up, but will also keep your drain from smelly odors.

Try choosing from the innumerably eco-friendly drain cleaning options on the market. Some examples of these products are Earth Friendly, Seventh Generation, Enzyme Drain Cleaner and Bi-I-Kleen. A common question that is frequently asked is how do these ecologically friendly products work if they do not contain the same main ingredient in Drano, sodium hydroxide?

For one thing, these environmentally friendly cleaning products use what is known as natural bacterial and enzyme solutions that will clean your drains for maintenance in your sink, toilet, tub and shower. Whereas, Drano uses sodium hydroxide which is extremely dangerous to the skin due to its corrosive behaviors. Natural bacterial and enzyme mixtures are non-caustic and will not create corrosion or irritation on the skin. Further, these environmentally safe products use natural mixtures that make them safe against the skin and senses, in case of accidental skin contact with the solution.

Schedule a Periodic Professional Cleaning and Leak Detection Check Up

The best type of service, however, is common sense and the services of your professional plumber. Watching what you pour down your sink drain and toilet, being proactive in your maintenance and cleaning regimen, and scheduling a periodic professional cleaning and leak detection check up for pipe upkeep, are the keys to successful pipe maintenance and care. It is crucial to be conscious of the environment in your daily purchases and reducing your carbon footprint can be done actively by choosing alternative and natural products over more harmful and harsh products like Drano.

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