Prep Your Plumbing for Summer Vacation

Prep Your Plumbing for Summer Vacation

Many homeowners today find summer vacation an inevitable getaway. As the weather gets warmer, you will also be thinking about taking the opportunity to enjoy the summer for a few days or weeks. If you have similar plans this season, you will have to make a list of activities that will help you to leave your home ready for the approaching time off.

One of the most important things to do is to contact a licensed professional plumber like Bill The Plumber to help you prep your household plumbing system. The following quick and easy guidelines will help you prepare your home utilities associated with the plumbing system.

Turn Off the Main Water Supply

Before leaving for your summer vacation, you must ensure that your water pipes do not have any traces of water and no taps are open while you are out. Shutting off the water can save you a lot of repair costs, especially if you unknowingly have a dripping pipe that could eventually burst while you are away. The water valve is usually found next to your water meter. Furthermore, if you have an underground irrigation system for the garden and lawn, shutting off the water supply using the main valve will shut it down as well.

Drain your Water Heater

If you want to avoid flooding your home when you are far away enjoying your summer vacation, draining your water heater is the remedy. Furthermore, with no one around to use hot water, you will end up cutting down your electricity bill! You can drain your water heater by attaching a hosepipe to the water heater and directing the water into a large bucket. You can use the collected water, after it has cooled, to water your garden instead of pouring it down the drain.

Chlorinate Your Toilets

Bacteria rarely develop in your toilet because toilet bowls consistently flush water to clear any accumulating dirt. Therefore, to ensure your toilets remain stain-free and to limit the chances of bacteria settling under the rim while you are away, you can pour a small cup of chlorine into the bowl to prevent bacteria, mold and mildew from growing.

Leak Detection

To detect leaks in your plumbing system calls for the services of Bill The Plumber. Returning from vacation to find a pool of water in your home could be devastating. To avoid this, first ensure you shut off the main valve before leaving. Then contact a reliable plumber to examine if your pipes have slow leaks that could rupture when you are away. Bill The Plumber will generally inspect your systems and rectify any potential malfunctions.