Plumbing Considerations Before Replacing Your Bathtub

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At one time or another, you may find yourself in a situation that will require you to replace your bathtub. This may be due to a defective bathtub or even just for normal upgrade. Carrying out the whole replacement may not be quite an easy undertaking as the new bathtub must be compatible with the current plumbing system. With this in mind, there are few things you need to carefully assess before embarking on the actual bathtub replacement.

Analyze the plumbing system

It is very important to first analyze the current plumbing system and ascertain if there are any defects or leaks within the plumbing framework. This is especially in cases where the replacement is due to a faulty bathtub. Checking for problems within the current plumbing system is important as it may help you know what went wrong with the faulty tub. Without this, you may end up experiencing the same problem even after replacing the bathtub as the problem may be within the plumbing system and not the tub itself.


Another major consideration is compatibility. Make sure the new bathtub you are sourcing for is compatible with the current plumbing framework. This is in terms of measurement, weight and pipe dimensions and design.

Cost and time

You also need to know the costs that you may incur in the replacement. This will help you plan your budget to avoid any unexpected costs. When it comes to time, it’s also important to know the time it will take to replace the bathtub so that you can plan for another bathtub alternative when the replacement is ongoing.


Even though there might be many DIY ideas and instructions available online, it is necessary to entrust your bathtub replacement with a qualified professional. With a professional plumber, you are sure of quality work that will be key in making your property’s value go up. So, call us today and we will be glad to offer you our professional bathtub replacement services.

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