With the recent turns in the economy, we are all trying to save a little extra money. Being more careful with your water usage will save you money this fall in Sarasota. Fall is a good time to think about ways you can save money because of the fast approaching holiday season. The money you save on your water bill can be used to pay for gifts for loved ones. There are several different ways you can do this.1. Do not wash a load of laundry unless you have a full load. Wash your delicates by hand rather than using the hand wash cycle on your washing machine. You will take better care of them and save water this way, as well.

2. Schedule a check up visit with your local Sarasota plumbing specialist to conduct a periodic water leak detection check to spot any leaks that you can’t see, and have them fixed right away to avoid further potential issues.

3. Take shorter showers. Long hot showers tend to dry your skin, anyways, and health professionals recommend that you do avoid them.

4. Go longer in between washing your vehicle. Let nature wash your vehicle with rain, or park your car in the garage whenever possible.

5. Don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth. You can literally waste gallons this way.

6. Replace your toilets with newer models that use less water per flush, such as a dual flush technology feature. In the long run, this change will pay for itself time and again.

7. Unless you can completely fill your dishwasher, wash your dishes by hand. You will save on electricity by doing this, also.

8. Cut back on watering your flowers and lawn with water from your plumbing system, and have a rainwater collection system installed to irrigate your lawn with natural rain water collected, instead.

With these tips, you will see a drop in the amount of money you pay for water while also reducing your carbon foot-print for the environment.

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