Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Maintenance

Is it time for a new sump pump?


The sump pump in a home is designed to move remove excess water. If a sump pump is not working correctly, then water can back up into a home and cause damage or health issues. There are a few signs that will tell a homeowner their sump pump requires a bit of maintenance.

Water: Signs of water in a basement are an indication that something is not right. The sump pump will keep excess water out of a basement. If there is any water back up in the house, then the sump pump may have a problem. Common issues with a sump pump include a broker impeller or damage to the pump motor. A sump pump may also have a hose that is clogged. A plumber needs to examine the sump pump to see if a repair or replacement is needed. The device may only require simple maintenance to clear up an issue and restore the unit to working order.

Odor: The smell of a foul odor in a basement may be due to hidden water. Water that sits in a basement is typically the cause of a mildew or moldy smell. One cause of this odor is from a bad seal on the sump pump or a clog in a hose that is preventing the proper draining of water. These are issues that a plumber needs to address. Water that leaks in a basement can lead to mold growth and heath issues. A plumber will check the pump pump for any issues that need to be addressed.

Noise: A sump pump is a mechanical device and does make a little noise when it is running. However, if there is a noise that can be heard when a basement door is closed, then a problem may exist. A jam in the unit or the pump motor may not be running correctly. Service of the unit is the only way to tell if there is an issue that will require a repair.

Periodic maintenance of a sump pump is required to ensure the device is running normally. Simple issues will need to be addressed before a larger problem occurs.


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