Up Front Pricing

Have you ever had a service plumber at your home and got the feeling that he was taking too long to do the job? Maybe you didn’t have confidence once he started the job? If a service company comes to your home, and they charge “Time and Material,” you are at their mercy. If you don’t like the charges, you’re going to be haggling with the owner of the company. Even if you get your money back or receive a discount, you still may have little confidence in the work that was done. Up Front Pricing will eliminate this type of situation completely, and it offers you peace of mind.

The great thing about Up Front Pricing is that you are given the price for the job before any work is done. Once you are 100% satisfied with the price quote, you sign and we begin. You never have to worry about any extra charges, or worse, a plumber hanging around wasting time just to charge you more. And even if the job looks like it will take one hour to complete, but it ends up taking four, you will not pay anything more than the original agreed-upon price. In addition all of our technicians use the same pricing manual. Regardless of which Bill The Plumber technician arrives at your home the pricing is fair and remains the same for everyone.

Our Warranty

At Bill The Plumber we warranty all work for one year from the date of service. However, our drain cleaning warranty provides for one return trip during the twelve month period following the date of service. We will clear the same drain at no charge. In addition to our standard warranty we offer a “Valued Customer Protection Plan.” When you become a member, all repairs will be discounted. Plus all parts and labor under the plan will have a five-year warranty. In addition to this, you will receive a free inspection of your entire plumbing system the following year. Preventive maintenance saves you money in the long run.