Punta Gorda Toilet Repair

Punta Gorda Clogged Toilet Repair and Toilet Installation

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Repairing or replacing a toilet can be risky business if you are not familiar with plumbing. Something as simple as a clogged or leaky toilet can become a major problem if not attended to promptly. If a toilet is clogged, there may be a host of reasons for this problem, from oversized objects falling into the toilet drain, too much toilet paper, clogged waste pipes from sewer or septic problems, or tree roots invading piping. Knowing what the cause for the clog can be especially important to properly repair it. The same applies to a leaky toilet. Two of the main problems with a leaky toilet can be the seal around the toilet has cracked, or the main toilet tank can be cracked. An expert plumber can help decipher the problem and properly repair or install a new one if a new one is needed.

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Are you looking for toilet installation and repair services in the Punta Gorda area? Contact Bill The Plumber at (941) 924-8418 for immediate service today.